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got my doppler but cant dind the heart beat:( im going to t…

got my doppler but cant dind the heart beat:( im going to try eating and drinking a pop see if this helps. i hope the baby is ok.


— i tried everything nothing has worked

— Don't stress!! I'm 13 weeks and it took me forever to find mine today..it was super low and the heartbeat was faint at first...I watched a video and it helped a ton!!!

— im tryimg not to stress but im so scared to lose this baby and not being able to hear it freaks me out

— I never heard of that one. I used the sonoline. @scarlettnikol just don't stress yourself over it. Try again with a little more pressure and be really patient. If you still don't find the heartbeat, as worrisome as you may feel, try not to stress and wait a few more days. Also, make sure you use enough gel.

— i think its called angelsounds

— What kind of Doppler? I found baby at 9 weeks with mine. Go low towards pubic area, press downwards kinda hard/firm and move in small circles. But don't get upset if you can't find it yet. Just try again another day or week. No stress.

— Home Doppler's usually don't work until further along. So don't stress yourself.

— ugh that sucks.

— It says you're 10 weeks right? You're still really early. I don't think most home use dopplers will work until at least the beginning of the second trimester.

— If you're only 10 weeks you might not be able to hear it yet

— how far along are you?