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Day 5: What trimester are you in? I have 9 days left in my …

Day 5: What trimester are you in?
I have 9 days left in my 2nd trimester! Home strech is right around the corner! I can't wait!!!!! 💙💙


— thanks hun @twinmammatobe

— @monilovesautumn, yeah I feel huge! and they're both right on target. Each baby is close to 2 pounds each! I'm sorry about you loss 😓

— this*

— @twinmammatobe,

— I will . thank you. I was pregnant with twin boys too! they were identical . but at 30 weeks they were pronounced stillborn. 😢 so , they would be my rainbow baby. let me know how everything goes with your pregnancy as well . I know how you feel when your that far along lol . I felt like a complete whale . it was so hard to get out of bed 😂😂 I had to put my feet out first and scoot lmao . twins are so difficult I can't see how people can have triplets & up

— @monilovesautumn, I know the feeling. I've miscarried before and been told I couldn't have kids. These are my miracle babies! I'll pray for you as well! you'll have to let me know how it goes!!

— @twinmammatobe,

— I'm excited. I feel so nervous. because I have had bad news in the past . I hope and pray to God that this one actually stick . my second appointment is next week hope everything goes well . 😕

— @monilovesautumn, it goes by fast! It feels like it was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant! now I'm almost 2/3 the way done!

— still first ... I have a week in a half before I reach my second