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So if I have to be induced, my doctor said I would have to do a nst before. So what should I expect to happen when I get an nst test done? An ultrasound? or am I just hooked up to a monitor?

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— You have 2 bands with monitors strapped around your belly. On monitor tracks the babys heart rate, the other one tracks fetal movement or contractions. You just lay back and relax!

— @mamas_mia, sounds so boring lol. how long do you usually have to stay on the monitor?

— I was on for an hr, but they had a TV in there lol

— @mamas_mia, hopefully I'm not there longer than an hour and they have a TV. so were you induced? it makes me so nervous, and do you know how they determine the date of the induction?

— I wasn't induced, I just had decreased fetal movement and they wanted to make sure she was okay. I have no clue how they decide that lol

— I had a bunch done...I was only monitored for 20 to 30 minutes.. if she failed I had to get an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok...I went twice a week for several weeks and the last time her heart rate was not going up with her movements like it should...I had an ultrasound and I guess she wasn't moving much so I was sent to the hospital to be monitored and because I was 38 weeks and my blood pressure was a little high I was induced and ended up having a c girl is perfect she was just a calm baby lol.

— I had so many done. those bands get annoying when they slip out of place. I had a few nst where I needed an ultrasound after but that was towards the end of my pregnancy, checking fluids around the baby.