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for mothers that already have kids and ones that are expecting...when your going through hormones n there uncontrollable n not trying to be shown but basically what im saying is if you have depression throughout the pregnancy how did your kids turn out? n its something to think about for new moms I feel my bbys going to either be colicly or really calm n quiet or even scared because I personally have anxiety and depressive moods before being pregnant n its enhanced n moods come w.o warning when I like my mind have control over my life .. its concerning though if u want ur child to be perfect n they end up getting ur mental illnesses I think ill be happy when she's out but I also need time to breathe ..what are ur guises thoughts on emotional struggles n it effecting ur babies?

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— I was very emotionally stressed and depressed throughout my pregnancy, and my daughter is the happiest one year old ever. :)