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Ladies, please consider carefully how the pictures you post affect everyone else in the community. If you are living through something terrible - it is perfectly fine to share the circumstances here, as you will get the support you need. But no matter how difficult it is for you - try to be more considerate to the others in the community. Don't force them to see what no one would rather see ever in their lives, least of all people - other moms-to-be. It is as merciless, as it is useless. We will take such images down as soon as we can (and they should be reported immediately).

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— And to think they were attacking me for Feeling this way about some pictures.. Thank u.

— Thank you so much for watching over us preggie !!! I'm loving this app more everyday. It really affects us first time moms with the graphic photos. @cheflitab I feel like because u spoke up, action was taken. Thank u!

— I don't know if it's right to shame grieving mommies either. Everyone is going to be offended by different things....

— We are not shaming anyone. We deeply commiserate with those who are misfortunate. We hope they will benefit from Preggie tremendously. Just in the ways that would not make it difficult for everyone else. Does that make it clearer?

— @cheflitab, what was the picture/subject matter in question?

— a premature baby who was born was really sad, however freaked out a lot of moms who are about as far along as she was

— @arielle,

— @natashachang, oh no 😔 yea I understand she was in pain and mourning but that would've been disturbing for me too. I hope she and her family are okay though.

— @cheflitab, I'm glad @preggie_usa posted this cause they were wrong for attacking you yesterday

— They tried it.. Lol @mrssabby