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lord give me strength. a lady on smile mom commented on the picture of lucy with kisses on her and said her birthmark and the kisses looked like a contagious rash and that I'm posting nude pictures of her with marks and something about cps. uuuuugggghhhhh.

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— Omg I love her liytle birthmark it gives her sooo much personality. Im mad with you

— oh god! that's so rude): I'm sorry your baby is beautiful

— ughh people really need to mind their own business, of course u would know if your daughter had a rash smh and when people get to the point when they start looking at baby pics as being inappropriate then they are the ones thinking inappropriately smh

— omg, she's beautiful. I love her birthmark.

— @bree31, agree !

— there are some nasty women on there. I just went on to look at the popular forum and it was terrible.

— WTF!?!?!?!?!?!? Why are people so mean? Ugh.....Lord give us the chance to smack those hoes across the screens of our phones 🙏

— that's ridiculous. I'm sorry momma

— I saw it, I told her they were kisses and a birthmark and she still wanted to be an idiot @sgtpeppertheory

— @jellybeansmommie, @18andpregnant, @bree31, @junebaby, @alhynele, @sonabear, @delilahsmommy2015, @lawler, @bellamama09, I just wanted to thank all of you. it just made me mad how somebody could be so spiteful towards a little baby!

— @sinabear,

— there are some ignorant, heartless people in this world, all u can do is pray for them and move on, no need to dwell on the negativity!

— @sgtpeppertheory, she is just ignorant,mean and obviously never learned class or manners. There is nothing wrong with that picture or her. She's beautiful and her little birthmark gives her so much personality.

— @sgtpeppertheory, I only stay in our preggie group over there.