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gender guesses anyone? just for

gender guesses anyone? just for fun!
heartbeat 150, cravings: steak, any cheese, pickles, chips, and mustard.
18 weeks 2 days

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— And don't mind my crazy ass hair, my toddler likes to pull my hair tye out lol

— sounds like a boy for sure.

— girl.

— you're having a girl :)

— Sounds like a boy

— Boy

— Girl

— sounds like what I was going through with my baby girl. :)

— minus the steak(I'm not a big meat eater) exactly what I have cravings for and I'm having a boy.

— boy

— boy

— I'm really hoping for a boy cause I have a girl already lol. either way I'll be happy cause they'll be healthy ♡♡

— Girl

— Id say boy those where my cravings as well and I'm having a boy

— girl