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so i had my wic appointment at the begining of the month...i have been breast feeding/formula feeding. they gave me a little bit of formula but my milk has gone my question is.....would be messed up to call and see if i could get more formula or should i wait 3 months til my next appointment? what would you mommas do?

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— call them and they should give you more vouchers for formula

— I'd call.

— Call them they have different packs that decide how much you get. Call and tell them you no longer have milk and need to switch your packages

— i will call tomorrow... @junebaby @valerie_jean thank you!

— oh ok @californiahaley i guess i just dont want to sound like messed up about it i guess...

— @juliagail09 yeah definitely call and tell them what happened and that you just need formula instead :)

— ok i will call tomorrow morning! thank you!! @alicia91

— @juliagail09 anytime girly! :)

— yes!! call them! they will help you the same day

— I was doing the half & half as well but my milk went away so I went in to the office & told them & they changed it no problem plus gave me extra vouchers to get the full monthly supply of formula.

— ok good i hope so @mamabirch20

— ah ok thats good to makes me sad my milks gone :/ i tried so hard @iloveyou

— did u call and get everything straightened out?...when I went to wic I told them I wasn't breast feeding so I can get the formula

— i called...apparently today is a holiday and i was the last to know lol i didnt even know the ima try again tomorrow :/ my boyfriend told me to just tell them that i dont breast feed incase something happened...i didnt listen...needless to say im not gonna tell him he was right and i shoulda listened lol oh well it happens :/ @kaymariah

— Lol Yea my sister told me to tell them I don't breast feed because if u do they won't give you milk. they gave me 9 cans. in case I stop breast feeding I'll have plenty of milk for him already

— hell yeah you will @kaymariah i shoulda jusr told that i didnt breast feed but oh well i guess....

— how are you and baby girl doing?

— lol

— were doing good!! how are you&&your; handsome little man? @mamabirch20

— that's good! :) we are doing great! will be one month old on Wednesday :( time goes by too fast @juliagail09

— thats good....oh my gosh no way!!! ahh thats crazy!!! it does go wayyy too fast!