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walked 30 minutes today!! that's 10 min longer then usual !!! #progress

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— 🍆🍆🍆🍆 make thay cervix soft....

— Lol @jellybeansmommie 😂😂😂😂

— go up and down some stairs and when you go down them, slam your foot lmao it sounds crazy I know

— @jellybeansmommie girl I finally did... girl then I laid back && let the sperm sit for 10 min 😂😂😂 remind me of when I was trying to get preggs @alicia91 we have a bunch of stairs in our house... what does slamming my foot do?

— that's good every little bit helps I was suppose to go walk but baby Ethan is on my pelvis and got my hips popping like it ain't nothing I think it was the 🍆🍆🍆 I got last night and this morning lol I was bugging bad now I'm paying for it

— At least y'all eggplants are around. i have to find other alternatives

— @sexii_diiva lol! helps the baby engage into position according to my doctor, when I was in labor they sent me to walk and told me to power walk hard, go up and down stairs slamming my foot every step lmao

— @babyethansmommy 😂😂😂😂 @jellybeansmommie can you walk? I'd rather walk && say forget the D... @alicia91 my baby been head down since 30ish weeks... its my cervix is still hard.. and my Dr said try softening it

— I hate walking it puts so much pressure on my vag and my hips then my feet and ankles start swelling ugh. walking sucks

— well the pressure part is good.. but swelling not so much @jellybeansmommie

— @sexii_diiva oh but supposedly it helps the baby lower himself like drop down, lol but thats just what they say lol

— @alicia91 so whats the difference between head down -& baby lower? He keeps getting even lower?

— girl barely im wobbling hard today lol the pain is girl crazy then trying to clean up that's a no go

— that's what's up yo I know when I was 36 weeks I was so uncomfortable I couldn't walk for long at all without being exhausted or disey .

— @sexii_diiva girl sadly yes, do you see some girls posting on here saying "baby dropped some more" well after they get into position, supposedly the head engages and the baby drops to get ready for birth, thats when you start feeling aloot of pressure down there lol

— @alicia91 ooo okay @alicia91