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So let me find out my boo @babyboolala left Ima have some words for y'all lil childish girls for real!

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— so tell us them bitch

— comment was deleted

— comment was deleted

— @antroinette Who has time? Go to church lil girl.. You obviously need Jesus. Off my page you dimwhit.

— what u say bitch

— lol bitch fuck u hoe

— this lil girl need to stop just ignore her!!!@jellybeansmommie

— @babyjordan, girl these have to be some lil 13 yr olds. @antroinette I'm praying for you baby you need it 😂😂😂

— I know she need a life..

— right lol. @babyjordan I keep telling myself they have to be kids

— I'm going to delete all my baby pics before something else happen!!!@jellybeansmommie

— @babyjordan, its sad it has to be like that smh

— I'm praying about it honey... but please stop replying to these nonsense post! These are men or children trying to cause drama. ignore them completely!!! if you don't respond to them then they're talking to themselves

— I just blacklisted everybody. smh @babyboolala Its sad that ppl have to be creeps.

— True @jellybeansmommie