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Leaving this app! i have instagram so if you guys feel safe enough to post youre user name do so :) best of luck and best wishes for the mommies on hereπŸ’™πŸ˜™

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β€” _lovelyadre

β€” Follow me , @mazimayy :)

β€” @blckberrydotedu

β€” learbrandi

β€” @lovelyadre, i sent a request :)

β€” Is it ok if I follow you girls ? @junebaby @mazimorales @jellybeansmommie

β€” salutemeimcharisma

β€” kittysaremetal

β€” Girl yea lol follow me.

β€” Yes :) @lovelyadre

β€” kittysaremetal

β€” @lovelyadre, yes of course

β€” mine is bnl0725

β€” @lovelyadre,

β€” comment was deleted

β€” Lovealex951