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my Dr appt is Thur.. so basically I have 4 days to at least have sex twice so this semen can do its magic lol 😂😂😂 if my cervix hasn't soften even a little bit then plan b it is!!

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— twice? girl u got 4 days U BETTER TAKE THAT D lmao

— @meplusmytwo, 😂😂😂😂😂 right get it now before them 6 weeks kick in!

— @meplusmytwo @jellybeansmommie 😂😂 I don't Evem like the D right now.. I'm bout to force myself these lil 2 times.... but 6 weeks?? no not me ... lol 3 weeks for my schedule induction but I told you he said its not a guarantee I'll leave with baby if my cervix still this hard ... the meds will help but I may have to go home a few days -& come back!! so it still won't be past my due date.. 😋😋

— Ughhhh Lol Ima be the last one 😢

— @sexii_diiva

— you never know!!! @jellybeansmommie

— Im praying against it but it just seem like she to comfy. But she sooooo active hopefully she make her appearance without me having to be induced. @@sexii_diiva

— are you dilated or effaced? I think I asked you this before @jellybeansmommie

— my friend was 2 weeks && 2 days past due.. they made her go into labor... then she pushed for 5hrs -& baby still didn't wanna come so they did emergency c section.. girl I don't want them problems lol so I need to try something.!! @jellybeansmommie

— nope nothing cervix hard as a rock my next appt is next week so if Im still closed by then Ima have my bf mail me some sperm so we can get this party started 😂😂😂

— @sexii_diiva right I don't wanna be cut at all!!

— 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you too stupid lmao.. that sperm gonna die by the time it gets to you @jellybeansmommie

— I don't need it living. hell I'm already pregnant lol i need it to make my cervix soft.

— lol girl you better Google it.. you may need fresh sperm not special delivery sperm @jellybeansmommie

— 😂😂😂 special delivery sperm!! I'm weak