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Cool bro, I'm glad you knew I was

Cool bro, I'm glad you knew I was talking about you creep! 😆👌👍

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— i blocked her ass n i didnt even know her hahaha

— @mommy3rmz, if you put "add to blocklist" it didn't do shit. I tried to block her and she was still able to look at all my shit! so trust me it didn't work. I didnt know her either

— yes that bytch subscribed my profile after I made a comment about her. wtf

— yes just cuz you block them doesn't mean they can't see your shyt

— @sexii_diiva, I tried to block her first to make sure she doesn't look at my stuff but I guess not. no point of having a block button if it's not going to work -.-

— exactly.... all it does is make you not see there post. . but that's pointless

— can't find her she must of deleted her profile.

— @b no she's so here

— nevermind I found her she deleted all her post

— @bree31, yeah :p