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okay so I'm just discovering that they have someone on here that's stealing baby pics... && then she is racist.. I've speculated a few of you are racist but she straight up said "fuck black people that's why all of them are getting killed" something of that nature 😕😕😕😕😕😕

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— omg! are you serious???

— girl i need to blacklusy shorty asap?

— I sooo wanted to reply to that comment after she wrote it but it would just fall on deaf ears and make me angry smh

— what I know last night I saw @babyboolala post something like that then I saw that I actually liked her baby picture then I noticed it hasn't her baby but the racist post I haven't seen that's so sad for someone to come up here &post; stupid posts what's happening to this app:(

— wasn't ^^^^

— Yea I liked the pic too but I wasn't really paying attention

— I guess I missed it. What a bunch of sad pathetic people that have nothing better to do.

— yeah me too as I actually went into her profile and she had like 25 likes @meplusmytwo I caint believe what she told you I actually teard up @tiffany09 I would not let anyone talk bad about my baby I feel sad y'all are like family we've been through alot together ugh this gets me all emotional!

— @palmerwifey @jellybeansmommie @junebaby @lopez.22 @meplusmytwo @tiffany09 yes her name on here is shaneice .. I don't wanna @ her.. but yea if you look on @babyboolala page you see her make a statement -& she tags the girl.. but this is getting ridiculous... then you reposting other people baby... && despite all the fake profiles .. dick pics.. boys saying they wanna impregnate one of us....that never bothered me but this is a diff level period!

— Right. idc about the creeoy men but shorty on some stalker type stuff for real.

— haha

— @sexii_diiva, I just saw it. omg, I cannot believe someone would stoop so low and post someone's babys pic on their page. What a sicko. And that racist comment was horrible.

— I blocked that person the other day because she/he was caught lying and stealing sono pics off Google.

— Who is this person ?

— @jellybeansmommie yes girl @junebaby it's really sad.. then she just posted on this post... but I just blacklisted her

— Yea I seen it already and it's funny that she changed her profile picture from the two young BLACK people that were originally up there I wonder if that was even her @sexii_diiva

— everyone, please blacklist that shaniece who just commented haha and report.

— the fact that she felt the need to comment on this proves we are just giving him/her exactly what they want Smh it's pathetic that ppl who have nothing better to do with their lives insist on preying on others because they can't stand the look of themselves in the cute that this little insignificant person went through all this trouble to try to fit in and be one of US

— btw guys I'm sure we can email the support group people here have them figure out where this person is located and who he is. this is now cyber harrassment and he/she is just further incriminating themselves

— @fanny217 shaniece is the name..just put @ in front @meplusmytwo probly not... o well @tiffany09 yea I'm trying to figure out all that now

— @sexii_diiva, I just did it. go to the help section and there's an email and comment box. If we all speak to them it may work :)

— @tiffany09 found it

— I found it too and sent a message.