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So I'm watching Love and HipHop Hollywood and this man is clearly cheating on his wife. I mean has a whole family outside of his marriage and his wife is 8 months pregnant while he's in Barbados with his mistress and two children.... smh and men wonder why women go all Lorena Bobbitt on them...

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— I read an article the other day titled "woman cuts off husbands penis twice" she caught him cheating and cut it off. he was in the hospital and they had sewed it back on. she snuck in and cut it off again but threw it out the window. they never found it. he had five children with this woman.

— @junebaby, 😨😒 Girl that lowkey would be me. I get to attached. love make you do crazy things

— yes it can.

— @junebaby and now this man taking about working it out with his mistress. WHAT ABOUT YOUR WIFE! I can't... I absolutely cannot and these women are worse for letting it go on.

— that's so wrong. I can't stand cheaters and if the women allow it they are crazy!

— might as well be sister wives and move in together

— @junebaby these women are crazy. I refuse to play number 2.

— Lorena Bobbit case happened in my hometown! Haha loved this reference

— actually the woman he's in Barbados with is his ex he's been with for over 10yrs, he cheated on her with the one he got pregnant and married her either way its a crazy situation lol

— @preshwest, Thts what my mom was telling me. either way it couldn't be me. period.

— rite lol @jellybeansmommie