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My baby boy made it a little early

My baby boy made it a little early but is still a very big boy!! Jaydon Lamar Smith 8 lbs 9oz

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— Congrats!

— I think they had your dates wrong girl. He's a big boy.

— @junebaby, I believe they did cause he is too big to be 8weeks early. And Thanks.

— yes he's way too big for 8 weeks early. He's super cute!

— Thank You. It took me 15 hours of labor and 10 minutes of pushing!

— You did awesome!

— It took a lot out of me!

— @jaydensmommy1, you got me scared now Lol he was ready fr any longer he probably would have been ten pounds Lol

— @mariahappy, Lol I'm Sorry! He was about there. I'm just glad he is healthy.

— yes. he's too cute... congrats girly.

— Thank You!

— omggg he is so cute 😍 look at them cheeks !

— He is a big boy! Thanks!

— omg 8 weeks early and he was 8 pounds can u image if u carried full term lol. he's adorable Look at thoose cheeks. congratulations mama

— so cute congratz:)

— Thanks guys