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I think my water is breaking...

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— ahhhhh why??? LOL

— r u leaking wen Ur going to the bathroom like u still r peeing? That's what happened to me.

— yes called the after hours line it just keeps coming out but no contractions or any thing....

— I didn't have contractions either until I got to the hospital.. R u still leaking right now.. I would call ur ob Dr n go to the hospital.

— ya its trickled and gushed a couple times I'm waiting on the midwife to call back so I can go in and start antibiotics if it is in fact my water

— @babysiah Keep me updated girlfriend

— on my way to midwife office they are checking to make sure its my water. (it has to be.)

— well let me kno okay @babysiah

— Mine was just me peeing and having no idea so hopefully it's just that water broken is dangerous if you carry after

— But 38 weeks they might just induce you