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Pregnancy is boring. All I do is sleep, eat, and watch TV. I can't wait until my baby comes.

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— That's all I do too, I can't stand it !!

— That's what I do when I'm not at work and even work is no fun cause I'm not allowed to do alot of things

— me too smh

— When I went outside today to install the baby car seat the neighbors yelled omg your outside lol

— Girl please enjoy the sleep you are getting because once little Abby comes sleep won't exist.

— @kaymariah girl I barely sleep. I help my aunt with my Granny so I only sleep when shes here which isnt often. Buy how are you and Aiden doing.

— we're doing good. it's just tiring but I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything in the world

— @kaymariah Im getting anxious but Im scared too lol somedays I be like I am totally ready to do this other days Im like I don't wanna go into labor!

— Lol I'm like that now. I be so tired and soon as I get in a deep sleep he cries and I have to get up. it's so real now because this baby is really mine I can't give it back but I'm learning everyday but everything I went through was worth it. I Love him I wish I had more sleep at night but it's whatever lol

— @kaymariah, lol I'm sure thays the hardest part. I wish I could help you out for a couple of hours.

— Lol ur sweet Thanks! ...he sleeps all day and up at night it's the night time that kills me. and because I'm breast feeding the dad can't really help me with much

— He can watch him during the day while you take a nap.