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seriously going through another pregnancy alone has taken a toll on me. a few days ago I was contemplating suicide again. my friends have abandoned me because I am a home body and my so called man hates me with a passion. emotionally overwhelmed and all of the above. Praying

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— please don't be sad. for the most part I'm in this alone as well. you are not alone babe....

— thanks hun @lc needed to hear that.

— I'm still here:) I'm just out of commission right now lol

— Lol I know @beautifulsbby830

— I'm here for you too.

— thanks so much @spud

— Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary issue! I'm praying with you baby girl 😘

— thanks so much @babyboolala I just get so down on myself.

— Well now that we've accomplished beating ourselves down, let's practice keeping ourselves up from now on!!! Umkay 😊😘😘😘

— Okay I agree 😘😘😘😊