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For the ladies who have been induced: did your doctor tell you to eat before going in? If they did how long before you go in did you eat? I'm supposed to be induced Sunday at midnight and I forgot to ask my doctor when I should eat (mistake on my partπŸ˜”).

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β€” I would eat a big meal because once you are there they may not let you eat and it could be a long process.

β€” She said it would be awhile before he actually got here:(. But how long before I go in?

β€” @junebaby,

β€” no food after 11 pm is what I was told by my doctor with my previous baby boy ..

β€” I'd eat right before.

β€” the only time you shouldnt eat is when your scheduled for surgery. induction sometimes last more than a day though and hospitals will usually only allow ice chips so I'd stuff myself, lol.

β€” I wasn't allowed to eat after midnight then after I had my son I couldn't eat for 4 more hours. So I finally got to eat around 10 at night, so id eat a big meal lol

β€” Okay, I'll eat about 11:30 and then when I'm done stuffing myself I'll head to the hospital. Thanks ladies! @junebaby @mrsruvalcaba @caydensmommy

β€” your welcome.

β€” lol!! good luck to you! hope your delivery goes smooth but at the sane time fast!

β€” the reason they tell you not to eat is incase you need a c section. but id say eat an hour before scheduled to go in