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I can't make this up! Lol... I

I can't make this up! Lol... I said I wanted it all....he was serious...I only kinda was.

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— your so lucky your man does that... evty time my boyfriend asks me what inwanna eat he says no to everything so I just say fuck it I don't want anything.

— kudos to hubby!

— It's so weird bc I'll cook before I eat someone elses food. But now omgahhh I love fast's like I never had it before.. @18andpregnant

— Yes kudos to him...I'll keep my hormones in special order today...TODAY... LOL @beautifulsbby830

— brownie points to your hubby 😃😊

— I must say...pretty good job and everything was hot girl...idk how he managed.. @seleneromanortiz12

— He desrves an award. 👏👏👏 Popeyes though 😍

— I got an award for him alright...bahahaha @jellybeansmommie

— Yaaaassss homey 😂😂😂

— I want the popeyes chicken, lol

— It's definitely some left....come on through boo @junebaby

— if only I wasn't so far. I told hubby to please bring me some spicy chicken and a root beer and he is after work:)

— Omg he was serious lol my bf would always pick for me lol

— He walks in like the bags don't have food in them...I said my nose is on 100, whatever... He's like those are food incense...ctfu @krissy81814

— lmao! he must of been like, this should do it! 😂

— omg sonic

— Lmbo he is the MVp 🏆🏆