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Anyone into numerology...orrrr am I the only nerd?

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— I think it's pretty neat how a personality is affected by numbers

— Ohhh how I love u gal!! Lol @beautifulsbby830

— and we are only 5 days apart awww belly buddies @zenmom7

— Dang!! Finally. I thought I'd never find my Buddie:) eeek lol @beautifulsbby830

— are you a Capricorn?

— I was but I stopped 😁😒 I drove myself and my hubs crazy going on abt what baby number gonna be and what date I want the baby to be born ....yeah lol I then stopped and don't want to go there 😬

— Who's a cappy? I am 😊✨ hello 👋🐐

— I'm a cancer... Another cardinal sign though...@beautifulsbby830,

— But I do like numerology anyway and always looked into it.....

— When I first started a few years ago I was a friggin maniac.... It's easier now that I've seen how the numbers inevitability work themselves out. @dovejazz

— Ahh hehe I you're really into it and understand it fully I don't think I got to that point yet hehe what's your life # 😊

— I am @dovejazz and @zenmom7 opposites are drawn together for a reason :)

— @beautifulsbby830, ohh nice hi✨😀 yeah I agree

— IM a 7. You guys? @dovejazz @beautifulsbby830

— I'm a 5 and before I even knew it was my fave number anyway 😉