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My husband texts me talking about "I'm by Arbys popeyes and sonic.... What do you want?"..... Honestly something from each place would be heavenly... Biscuit and fries from Popeyes...cheddar peppers and a grape lemon slushie from sonic...a roast beef cheddar and bacon from Arbys... Good lord husband I love you, but please don't make me make this crucial decision in our lives.. My food mentality is NOT stable.. Lmaooo!!!

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— Girl I feel ya lol

— Ha yes lol I hated that dont give me option cause I'mma want it all

— Bahaha. Hallelu for food! @zaydenmomma

— You hear me suga??!!! I'm ctfu. @krissy81814

— Right they need to make like a deluxe super fast food stop that has everything for us pregos.

— That's so it! I'd go briiiinnookkkeeee tryna eat at the "mega food"lol @zaydenmomma

— I would too it could be dangerous lol

— Umm I'll take Popeyes please

— I'm so full...come get it suga!!! Lol @momof6

— On my way I want a 2 pc chicken white meat, 2 mild strips and mash potatoes with Mardi Gras sauce