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Is everyone gone?? what's smile mom?? what did I miss??

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— lmao... everyone left because they said it was creeps on here but there are creeps everywhere!

— yup! I'm staying :)

— I'm here

— I'm still here. Everyone left cause there was this dude that was asking everyone if they wanted to make a baby with him or if he could be their baby daddy.

— I'm staying, I blacklisted that guy the second I saw him so I've missed the drama I think lol

— what's the new app?? did you guys do that? I'm not leaving either @030815 @elliot.s @californiahaley @chhaya @mrs.oliva

— comment was deleted

— I don't know and Im not leaving either

— @sking0921, smile mom its basically more advance version of this. _._

— i didn't download the new app I'm staying on this one. honestly i Ignore all the drama on here why would I upset myself over dumb stuff I'm pregnant I don't need to be stressing so if I don't like something I see I keep scrolling we are all grown here.

— I just black list them:/

— @sking0921, idk what smile mom is. Another mom app I guess

— I'm staying. I just blacklist the creeps and the fakes when they appear.

— i ignore it too its not worth feeding into

— @sking0921, I have no idea what the new app is I haven't looked lol

— I find smile mom boring and came back here

— @shevy, what is it?

— It's kinda like Facebook but it's for moms and pregnant people. And you have to join groups to post stuff which I rather post it and everyone see instead of the small amount of people in that one group @sking0921