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I hate that everyone is moving to a new app. it kills me to watch the drama as women we are supposed to lift each other not tear each other down, pick and choose your battles ladies because for one thing we ALL know there are "girls" on here not worth the fight. hope everyone has a good day.

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— Couldn't agree more!!!

— I just don't get it. How do u fight/argue with people u don't even know?

— @single_ladi, I wonder the same thing and it's not like you will EVER meet them so why go through the process of getting your self worked up?

— @kksykes1616 I'm staying right here. If I needed drama I could use FB.

— @single_ladi, haha right or we could all just redownload the I'm expecting app for it

— @kksykes1616 true

— what new app is that everyone talking about? I like this one so much *:)

— @schevanya, I don't even know I haven't even heard of the smile app I'm staying here also

— just reading thru its smile mom haha thanks

— @schevanya, I've been reading some comments on here about it and it looks like it's even more drama than here!

— I'm keeping this one but also have smile mom. it has a little more privacy