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just got done making a belly cast with the bf, cant wait to paint it! definitely a fun experience!

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— my friend made her belly cast a while back she actually just gave birth today but she's going to wait tell her daughter is old enough and have her paint it.

— oh that is def a cute idea too! i want to have my newborn lay in it when we do her first photos @18andpregnant

— that's so cute!

— I wanna make one so bad. what did you use to make it?

— i just bought 2 rolls of plaster gauze rolls from hobby lobby. i cut them to the sizes i needed, then i rubbed sn petroleum jelly all over my belly n boobs, then i filled a bucket of warm water n had my bf get a strip at a time wet n lay it on me, then sat for 30 min n it dried itself off my belly n he picked it up to let it completely dry for 48 hrs. @zaydenmomma

— I have to do this if you don't mind me borrowing your idea lol. I'm 37 weeks so I gotta get on it fast. I wanna remember my bump forever I'm gonna miss being pregnant I already know.

— no totally go for it! i m 37 weeks too n def thought i needed to get on it lol. @zaydenmomma

— Is this your first? when's your due date mines Feb 9th.@2615mommi2b,

— yup first baby n im having a girl due 6th of feb. is this your first? what are u having? @zaydenmomma

— Yes this is also my first and I am having a boy. The day is coming so fast its getting very real. Have you had any signs of labor yet? I haven't that I noticed just the regular aches.@2615mommi2b,

— oh i know cant wait! n no not for the most part. i lost small pieces of my plug n had a couple false contractions last week but nothing more. @zaydenmomma

— I haven't had any of that and people keep tripping me out saying that sence he's my first I may go over my due date. I really hope that's not the case I don't want to have to wait any longer than needed to meet my son.

— i havent dropped at all and people tell me the same thing. i dont wanna go over at all! we should definitely keep each other updated on how things go since we are so close

— @zaydenmomma,

— I totally agree :) and I hope our little ones come when they are supposed too before the anxiousness gets the best of us lol @2615mommi2b

— @2615mommi2b will you post a picture of that plaster design of you belly on here ??

— yes lol @zaydenmomma

— @senadas4_14_2015

— not the best pic

— @2615mommi2b. Looks great i luv it,i think you just gave me an idea to do it also. Thanks sweetie

— no problem was a lot of fun! and thank you @senadas4_14_2015