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People get so off ended on here to easily. The have to understand when there story doesn't add up we all question it because remember are so many creeps that come on here everyday pretending to be pregnant women.

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— I heard that there is men on here wtf excuse my language lol

— @brittanymetzger7988, i agree

— girl that's somebodys granddaddy lol and he ought to know better. If youre that that offended then you were probably lying and pissed people figured it out. I just can't lol. but what can you do, report it and keep scrolling I guess. but it does get annoying, which is why i dip off every once in a while

— @tattooedwho, yeah I understand completely it just kind of frustrated me that she made that while post thing after people call them out on it but im over it lol

— that was probably fake too lolol

— @tattooedwho R u talking to me?

— @brittanymetzger7988, no you missed a whole lot of mess on this app lol but I was talking to @kristinlynn0903

— @brittanymetzger7988, i believe she was Talking to all of us about that person getting offended and lying

— I have no clue what u ladies r talking bout?? lol

— @brittanymetzger7988, oh Haha this "girl" was saying that she was pregnant with twins but hasnt had an ultrasound and then magically an ultrasound pops up that had been cropped

— okay that's a little retarded

— @brittanymetzger7988, thats what I say but whatever lol I just don't like creeps on the page