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I just got my first time injections for gestational diabetes, im so scared to start injecting myself.... does anyone have gestational diabetes & had this problem too? There was no option for me, just insulin...helppp

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— I'm sorry your going through this!keep your head up, the Lord is on your side

— What was your nuo

— I meant number

— what number? @momof6

— Why are you on medication and not controlling with diet and exercise? If you don't mind me asking. I have GD too.

— idk I guess my blood sugar numbers are to crazy. it sucks I dont want to do it, but if I dont do it what will happen :( im so stresssed. what If I use and my body gets used to it , and then what. . :(

— Glucose number

— Myn just put me on a 2000 calorie limit for 3 wks then I got retested and it was better! Just limit sugar carbs

— well first they had done the testing at my obgyn which was fasting. my numbers were 240, 209, 160. thats why the PA send me to a specialist on gestational diabetes, today I had the appt and I asked of there was an alternative, he said no because he didnt want anything to damage the baby, especially her heart. they also sent me to do a fetal echo, to check babys heart, everything seemed fine, but doctor said the tissue was a lil thicker than normal, so that the insulin would help me control the numbers and keep it from not gettn thicker. :( @momof6

— I'm diabetic and use insulin and have to give myself a shot 5 times a day, I was terrified about injecting myself and hated needles but you do get used to it and most the time I can't feel it anymore. I also get very short needles on my syringes and that helps so much. and testing my blood sugar to me is worse then an injection... you have any questions feel free to talk to me.

— and where do you inject yourself? tummy or thigh? they gave me those pens but what im scared of is gettn used to the insulin & poking myself. :( @eskawho

— @mmendez956, I inject in my stomach above my belly botton...they told me that is the best place and not to inject in the same spot all the time so I inject in different spots throughout the day. poking your self does take time to get used to but the pens are nice to use the needles are small and very easy to put in how many units you need...I use vials and syringes was on the pens before but my insurance didn't cover them lol. just make sure to count carbs and take the right amount and be honest with your dr about your numbers and they will make adjustment if needed. after a while you won't have to think about it.

— okay, I will try because thats what's better for the baby. I dont want to have any complications after. hopefully after this, the diabetes goes away. I have to do it 4 times a day.... starting tomorrow @eskawho

— good luck and please let me know if you have any other questions. also a good idea to have regular juice or tablets (found in the pharmacy) to raise blood sugar incase you go too low...diabetes can be very scary especially when pregnant even if it's gestational.

— okay thank you so much !! @eskawho