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I love this app but I feel so left out now that I had my baby, they should make an app like this for after pregnancy! I miss being pregnant aloot more than I thought I would. I miss the belly and the feeling the kicks, getting all emotional just thinking about it. These hormones suck though!! :(

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— me too I miss everything. being pregnant is the most beautiful feeling ..♥ .

— @susy it really truly is!! i miss it alot

— girl you're crazy! lol I don't miss it one bit! maybe if it didn't come with all the aches & pains

— download smilemom its an app for pregnant women and moomies with children already

— @january10th lmao girl without the aches definitely! i dont miss the pressure on my vagina haha

— @tinymommy definitely getting that right now!! thank you

— Don't feel left out

— neither do I. I totally download it too! I like the privacy policy better you actually add people kinda like a Facebook

— yep your welcome lady's hehe

— exactly..! I feel the same way 😞😥

— I told u all go to peekaboo moments!!! I love that app!!!!! @susy @alicia91 @tinymommy @tinymommy @bronxmade That smile app asks for a lot of permissions in ur phone … just read and be safe booskii's 😊😘😘

— I forgot all about that..going to download it now. @babyboolala

— @babyboolala where is that app? I can't find it at all :( I found one that said "peekaboo journal" but nothing else.

— it's in the playstore under baby scrapbooking I believe @alicia91

— @babyboolala let me go try to find it right now!!

— k @alicia91