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Next pregnancy for sure I want to try cloth diapers! and breastfeed my baby!! 😀😀😀

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— I love my cloth.

— I'm trying cloth with this baby.

— @californiahaley, @junebaby oh my god is looks so easy to clean up ! I thought it would be more of a struggle haha

— Not at all. It's actually really easy.

— @delilahsmommy2015, I just might! 😮😮👍

— I'm cloth diapering!

— how does that work... newborns go threw so many diapers... and if they poop I don't know if I can handle the up keep of that... some one educate me in interested !

— @septemberbaby15, theres a lot of diffrent types of cloth diapers!

— @septemberbaby15, The Scoop on Poop--Cleaning Cloth Diapers. . .Eas…:

— thank u @simplycynthia21