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My baby only wants to sleep on my chest or cradled in my arms at night. I don't know what to do, should I just enjoy the moments and cuddle him or should I just put him in his crib no matter what? :(

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— It depends do you want to start Co sleeping? my daughters are the same way. I love their night cuddles and iy helps them sleep through the night. so it all depends on what you're comfy with :-) but enjoy it if u want to! After all they aren't little forever

— I sleep with my baby, I know I'm gonna regret it when his 3 still trying to sleep with me lol but oh well I'm enjoying it right now I love it!

— try to have him fall asleep in your arms then try setting him down in the crib or foes he wake up?

— @acjones186 yes, he will sleep almost through the night when he sleeps with me. He sleeps in his crib from 11 to like 4am then after that I feed him but he doesnt want to be back in the crib, only with me. @january10th I love it too and I feel the samee thing lol, I feel like I'm gonna regret it when these 6 weeks of abstinence go by lmao! Omg I was alot more strict with my first son lol I was younger but now I just cant hear him cry lol I start crying with him haha

— I was having this issue also, and I so desperately needed sleep myself. Finally, I laid my baby in her swing, after a feeding, and a change, and just let her cry for about an hour. A strict routine is what I'm finding works best. Also stimulate your baby when they are awake (talk, make noises, be silly). Learn the difference between the "something's wrong" cry, and the "mommy hold me" cry. It took me almost 3 weeks....I'm a new mommy myself.

— @isabellasmommy2015 yes he does, he feels as I'm putting him down and wakes up immediately. I leave him there a few minutes but then he starts crying until I go get him again :(

— lol I've had all of mine sleep with me but my three year old I started him sleeping on his own at 6 months & my 6 year old when he was 3 lol I think I'm gonna try to get him in his own bed at 6 months but idk I might just let him sleep with me till he's 1

— @iisavana thats my issue too, I just need sleep and Im just going along with it so I can sleep! How old was she when you let her cry it out? I remember I did that to my older son too, just let him cry it out because he had the saaame issue, well his was my fault, I tore pretty bad during delivery and so having him in the bed with me was easier since I was in alot of pain the first 3 weeks. But I cant remember how old he was when I let him just cry it out until he finally slept in his crib too. Its so true though, i feed him, burp him, clean diaper, so theres really nothing wrong, he just wants me!

— @january10th aweee, how old are your babies? 3 and 6 right now?

— She will be 3 weeks on Monday, so she was a little over 2 weeks. I started this on Tuesday, she only gets up once in the middle of the night. So I'm getting about 6 hours of sleep a night. I understand how you feel though. Definitely hold your baby when you feel like you can, but when you need rest, you need rest!! A stressed mommy means a stressed baby.

— Yea they are old but my 6 year old will still sleep with me if I let him lol my 3 year old won't he like his space

— @iisavana true so true!!! thank you!

— @january10th awe thats so sweet, ny four year old will too if i let him and sometimes i just love to cuddle with him! :)

— I let him fall asleep with me then I move him to his own bed cause when his step dad comes home he comes straight to the bed lol

— @january10th yess!! my husband kicks him off sometimes lol

— lol yup that's his step dad always kicking him off

— @january10th lmao they take up too much room idk how

— lol they do they're little but they take up the whole bed! even the newborns

— @january10th yess they do too!! especially because you give them moore space so we wont hit them or something

— hey I got a question for you did your baby's belly button bleed at all after it fell off? they literally lost it on the same day but, my baby's is bleeding still I'm worried I took him to the er already they said its just from healing but I'm still worried :'( I'm gonna take him back to the er again

— @january10th omg im so sorry!! i forgot to get back on here and reply but noo his hasnt bled anymore, some liquid was coming out the day his fell out but it went away the next day. Then his belly button sealed shut but then I gave him a bath, I put some water on it and it opened up and just kept cleaning it with soap and water and its been fine. It hasnt bled at all since :( is his still bleeding???