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So my boobs have not grown they've actually shrunk and my milk only has a lil and you have to squeeze my boobs a certain way. Should I be worried that I won't be able to breast feed and start excepting formula?

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— Me too :( my boobs got so big with Callie and were leaking before I had her... With him they if anything shrunk and nothing is leaking at all I will be devastated if I can't Breastfeed

— No your milk won't come in until the baby is about 3 days old. You will have colostrum and that's all baby needs until it does.

— I know that much but moms are talking about leaking and I don't get that you have to squeeze my boobs to get even a drop -.- @junebaby

— @d0llface_j3y, my boobs havent grown at allll!:( and im a very small B . so i look funny big belly no boobs ahaha

— You probably need to drink more water or just give it some time. I pump for my daughter and one day my boobies starting making less milk than I was use to and I changed the schedule I was pumping and now I'm starting to make more milk like I use to. Your body is still trying to get use to your schedule of when to make milk so keep trying.

— @d0llface_j3y, Not everyone has leaking so don't worry. I leaked with two of mine and didn't with two and still had milk.

— And yeah how I feel my first kid and I wan to actually have a stronger bond with him especially since I'm the one that works and my husbands going to stay home with our son. @brandi_22

— Labor will signal to your body to start producing colustrum and then milk.

— Okay as long as I get it at some point @junebaby and I drink a lot of water I go through a gallon a day @liinababess_

— I was a c cup @nylahmylovely then I lost tons of weight in my face chest and butt so now I'm a B cup I reversed