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is 945am... and I'm craving an ice cold coke... ugh do I give in?! sounds so horrible lol!

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— one is fine

— It is horrible! don't give in.. one time could be bad. everyone's body and baby responds differently boo! It ain't worth the risk.

— I've been drinking caffeine this whole pregnancy lol :( I get withdrawals and bad headaches if I don't usually... I wish I coulda stayed away from it tho! @babyboolala

— I keep it to usually one drink a day tho!

— Caffeine is fine so long as you don't just drink that try and stay under 400mg which is like a 48oz coke or one cup of coffee. I always buy caffeine free because I know I'll over do the caffeine especially because I get soda or sweet tea at work lol.

— That means the baby will have the same issue when he or she is born...😔 scary! Have you spoken to your doctor about ways to wean him/her off??? I'll be praying for you mean while babygirl

— @babyboolala, I just asked my doctor and he told me since it's only a small amount that the baby will be just fine after birth and there shouldn't be any side effects. @d0llface_j3y yea I balance it out with a bunch of water as well and my intake is really not alot. likely under the 400mg most days

— Then you'll be fine also babies pretty well filtered in that belly lol I drank for over two months almost everyday alcohol coffee sodas with caffeine and my child's already measuring at 8pds and no mental or health issues seen so I'm long prove everything's okay especially if you do moderation xD

— @mdomke22 Oh Praise God! What a blessing!!! I'm surprised the small amount has u having withdrawals.

— Yea it's crazy but if I don't have any my headache will start in.... but its like I just need a little bit to trick my body and it will be like oh ok there's the caffeine we'll be ok now lol. @babyboolala

— Lol. well thank God u and little baby are okay other then ur headache. I'll be praying for that for you!

— Thx hun :) @babyboolala

— 😊😘 It's what I do.. lol ur welcome