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what are the weeks for 6 months

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— 23-26 I think

— I use this 😄

— 😀

— @bellamama09 we post at the same time 😛😜

— year cause one doctor told me 25 I knew that was way off @sexii_diiva @bellamama09 , I'm 23 weeks and 3 days . I though I was 6 months

— @bellamama09 he said starting at 25 weeks is 6 months

— @sexii_diiva, 😄 and how are you this morning.

— @summer95 They (doctors) are so technical

— @bellamama09 sleepy . I didn't get any sleep. how about you @bellamama09

— @sexii_diiva, I didn't get any sleep either. My pelvic bone hurts so bad then my hips started to hurt. I dozed off at 5 then had to get up at 530 lol

— @sexii_diiva @bellamama09 I know its so annoying so I'm going off the same chart I have , I'm 6 months & I got no sleep also . couldn't sleep . getting fatter , so more uncomfortable

— @bellamama09 oo damn @summer95 girl wait to you hit 3rd trimester! you'll be miserable

— ugh its my last months in the second , I'm so nervous for the last trimester lol IMA be one lazy ass person .

— @sexii_diiva

— @summer95 Awwwww don't be it'll be over before you know it. Just stay proactive lol

— @sexii_diiva, This was the first time I had the sleeping issue. I really hope not I'm a capital B without sleep

— lol girl this has been going on for weeks now... told my Dr yest.. he said take Tylenol pm.. so I try it @summer95 girl its like the last month && a half is a beast .. at 1st I was fine. -& one day it hit me