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Have any of you gotten the whooping cough vacancies?

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— tdap? I did after I gave birth to my daughter!

— my doctor told me to get it a week before birth or they give it to you on the pp floor. But my mother is telling me not to get it.

— @sgtpeppertheory

— I did at 32 weeks

— @january10th any complacations with it? My mom freaks me out about all these things she even told me not to get the flu shot

— nope just sore arm lol

— I got the flu shot the same day, everything was fine

— I got it and everything was fine

— I got it right after I gave birth to my daughter. the only thing I had was a slight fever but I am very sensitive to shots and pretty much no matter what I get shot wise I will get that fever. but other then that nothing was wrong. it's better to be safe then sorry for your little one

— tdap yeah I did

— @courtney_boyea thank you yes I am very sensitive too so that's why she's freaking me out! I did fine with the flu shot though. She's trying to say I'm allergic to it lol but I've never heard that my whole life til now lol

— Pertussis shot is that the same thing as tdap? @babysiah @sgtpeppertheory

— ya it stands for (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) ooo big writing when you copy and paste cool!!

— nvm lol it didn't show up when I posted it.

— I stepped on a nail the day after or two days after I got the shot... fewww lol.

— yes, I've had it before though when I was interning at a daycare center