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for the moms who have been through labor. Did yall go into labor at night or during the day? Im still worried ill go into labor at night :-/

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— I started having contractions around 4 am

— contractions woke me up at ten o'clock at night lol had my son 1:40pm the next day.

— With my first child I woke up with contractions around 1 am, and my second child around 2 am.

— see its like most ladies start labor at night lol ughhhh!!! that worries me @linzka2 @aicnov14

— @prettyyellow, @linzka2 @aicnov14 do yall think maybe its because our bodies are relaxed so baby decides "hey im coming" lol

— @mommybump3, possibly, my son was always awake at night so maybe that's why

— Why are you afraid of it happening at night? I liked that

— Well honestly for me the first time sex started labor and the second time I had a membrane sweep done a few days before I went into labor. @mommybump3

— @aicnov14, because my bf works nights from 10-7am and i have 2 kids already so ill have to get ahold of someone to come help me with them plus get to l&d. (with my 2 kids i got induced so iv nevrr went into labor myself)

— @prettyyellow, i belive sex is what started small contractions a couple days ago. i dont think my doc will do a sweep on me untill im past my due date.

— I went in to labor at night but didn't get to the hospital till the morning because my contractions were really separate. & sex started my labor I was having contractions while doing it lol

— my labors with my other two started in the am tho at 8 am & 6 am I had them the same day. this labor was the longest labor I had & definitely the weirdest one my contractions never got 3-5 minutes apart so the doctor never thought I'd even have him that night or the next day he ended up being born at 3 am the day after I got there

— @january10th, haha! thats crazy! this is the reason im kinda affriad to have sex again since last time i did have few contractions. but tomorrow i believe ill be in my 37th week so its not too bad. im hoping if i do start having contractions at night that they are separate like yours.

— I was glad cause they always say the third baby always comes faster he sure did take his sweat time lol my contractions started at 3 am & he was born at 3 am the next day so hopefully you get lucky lol but it was definitely hell! & I just knew I was in labor & for some reason their monitor wasn't picking up my contractions -_- so they basically thought I was crazy until she checked me & I was 10 cm you should've seen how wide she opened her eyes when my water broke ALL OVER her hand lol

— @january10th, oh my goodness are you serious! that is so funny! thats what she gets for not believing you though haha. im glad they didnt send you home, that would not have been a good thing! my doc when he checked me and i was 2cm he was surprised, i thinks he thinks my labor is going to go fast because he told me if i start having small contractions again to come in and get checked haha!

— Lol I was so discouraged cause I wasn't dilated the week before so I was so prepared to be pregnant for ever. I even got discouraged at the hospital cause she was talking about sending me home because I made no progress then 2 hours later I was pushing. I really hope baby at least gives you time to get to the hospital to get comfy I wanted the epidural so bad but I never got it because they said I wasn't in labor I was soo pissed when my water broke I started cussing the nurse out like I told you I was in labor they were telling me that it was only hurting really bad because I was exhausted -_-

— @mommybump3, lol probably cause I remember that night I was so tired.