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I'm A First Time Teen Mom. I'M Very Young And Need Some Advice. Anyone Willing To Help Me?

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— get the book called "what to expect when your expecting." it really helped me. I'm sure a lot of us can answer some questions you may have.

— Okay. Well I'M due March 1st but I have been having these,really sharp pains. My friend said that I could be having Braxton Hicks but idk! Do you have any idea What it could be?

— @junebaby,

— if its sharp pains sounds like ligament pain. its from your uterus stretching. its very painful but normal. Braxton hicks don't hurt. they just feel like your stomach is tightening up and you may feel pressure.

— if the pain is constant though and you get no relief then see your doctor

— Oh Okay! I didn't know if I should get emergency help or not.But Thank You.

— your welcome. the ligament pain usually eases up but if it doesn't then go get checked.

— Okay.

— with ligament pain what really helped me was a warm bubble bath and I soaked in it. it was heaven! but now I'm too big for baths lol

— Lol Aweee. I Took One Earlier. It Was Amazing