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This is amazing. ☺️

This is amazing. ☺️

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— This just brought a tear to my eye😢 LOL

— Lol why? @babyboolala

— Idk what this is but I want it. lol

— @may24th That's exactly why!!!! rotflmbo @liinababess_

— Lol. I wanna know what this is and how to make it. lol. omg. @babyboolala Idk how something unknown looks so delicious.

— LOL I know @may24th

— Lol it's a blondie from Applebee's. It was my first time ever having it. @may24th @babyboolala

— Oh tell ………how was it??? 😶😐😗😗😙

— It was delicious. ☺️ it was a warm brownie with ice cream and pecans with a warm frosting type of liquid on top.

— Lol I'm jealous!