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now that im so close to giving birth im terrified. for moms that tore how bad was the tearing, how bad did it hurt after, how long did it take to heal? tmi but im scared of ripping straight through my booty lol, has that happen to anyone?

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— omgee!!! that scares me too! how did they "fix" her up?

— @shaeewow3.29.15,

— I ripped with my daughter 6 years ago. I stopped having contractions and got upset and kept pushing and ripped. I got stitches and used a squirt bottle to clean and I was fine in a week or 2. no complications

— I ripped to the side. The pain was only bad when I peed, usually. Stings like a mother f'er. I won't lie, I think it was worse than the contractions because I had to force myself to keep peeing... It took about a week to heal.

— My friend ripped to her butthole, tmi. It was hell for her when she needed to go #2.

— seems to heal fast thats good @kindalgrace @mrssupernerd i fear ill rip to my butthole not much space between :(

— They just stitch it up, no matter how you tear. But believe me, ripping down or to the side is the best. Up is where the real pain is. Lol

— @2615mommi2b, yes but I didn't rip too far down maybe an inch and if you keep it clean it doesn't hurt and my hospital gave me a take home sitz bath with fizzy stuff to put in it to help heal

— i hope i dont rip to bad :( bc im sure i will rip. @mrssupernerd @kindalgrace

— @2615mommi2b, hopefully not! I worry I'll rip again myself.

— with my first baby I ended up with 34 stitches. ripped backwards. the pain was pretty rough but not unbearable. hospital gave squirt bottle and sitz bath to clean up which really helped. they also prescribed me a numbing foam which was a god - send!!! don't worry!! it's worth it!!

— omgee sounds horrible! @szornek