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On my lunch break feeling so guilty

On my lunch break feeling so guilty and worried because I don't know for sure if I should be eating this and I can't stop 😪 haven't had any my whole pregnancy. Promise this is the first & last time

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— i ate this alot and i mean alot while i was pregnant my baby is fine lol

— Ok good! I've been hearing it's bad for the baby and then some say it's okay so I was usure. Thanks :)

— omg i want!! 😍😍 *drool* 😂 @zionsmummy

— y would it be bad tho ?

— what is it? it looks mouth watering

— why would this be bad ?

— The seafood being uncooked or something idk lol

— Crab & shrimp ceviche 😋

— I think people just post things on google to scare pregnant people lol

— Shrimp is usually cooked it would be gray color of it wasn't and has no Mercury in it so you are fine! Shrimp is safe to eat a lot of lol crab I have no idea but you can have up to 12 oz a week of low Mercury seafood. It's healthy for you and baby actually