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acid reflex isn't where it's at 😕

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— being pregnant period isn't where it's at. I'm so fed up

— bahahahah😂 @meplusmytwo I'm only 5 1/2 months I'm not over it yet

— Not gna lie but ice cream actually helps

— @mmmirage, I drank a big glass of chocolate milk and it helped for I minute. but I had it for hours.....tmi but then I gave my man head...and well long story short it went away hah sorry if that was too much but I'm serious.

— I got it bad too right now:(

— @musiowskij, ^^^^read what I just wrote. it helps hahajajaj

— Hahaha my hubs is sleeping D: we got in a really bad stupid fight and he told me not to speak to him for the rest of the night lmao @18andpregnant

— wellllll do both of you a favor and wake him up with some action lol @musiowskij

— lol I legit just tried he yelled at me. I feel like a kid getting yelled at 😂

— @musiowskij, HAHAHAHAH! 😂 that's so funny. not that you got yelled at but that you tried lol you go girl. but I'm sorry he yelled at you!

— Hahaha I deserve it, I was a cunt. I said bad things about his mama for no reason.

— @musiowskij, ohhh shit brought the mom In on it hahah

— Lmaooo it was so out of the blue too like my hormones took over. Oops 😂

— @musiowskij, he'll get over it ahah

— Lol so head is the new cure? Hmmmm Hahaha 😋

— @mmmirage, worked for me!!!! lmfao😂

— Hahahaha girl perfect! Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday! Lmao I'll take that heartburn away so hard!

— BAHAHHAHAHAHAHA😂😂😂😂😂 that's what I'm going to start calling it lmfao @mmmirage

— Lmaoooooo