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1 more week until I'm full term 😩

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— you know full term is at 39 weeks now? 37 is early term now

— Really?

— @yazdahboss,

— 37 is still considered full term by my doctor. It depends on who you see.

— My dr told me fill teem was 37 weeks too. @mrssupernerd

— 37 is still considered full term. Not everyone carries to 39 or 40 weeks.

— I was told 37 weeks is "term" 40 weeks is "full term" I think it depends on our doctor

— I don't understand why it is so hard to understand that doctors opinions vary.

— sorry to tell you all . they have changed it look it up. full term is now at 39 weeks 37 is early term .

— @mrssupernerd, well you should go and look it up or ask your doc this is the new law. I was bombed out too but that's what they are saying now

— How do I block people? Seriously, thought this page lacked drama.

— There is no "law" of what is term and full term.