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my baby shower march 7 , I'm so excited . I found my dress but my baby still haven't . he so picky . he act like he going to an awards show . lls

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— so exciting! Mine is March first I have no idea what I am wearing what are you wearing?

— @firefly I nice pink long dress with designs , & some jewelry . I'm excited too . I was gonna wear blue but I'll be OK lol

— omggg my hubby wants it to be a complete surprise doesnt want me involved at all im afraid hell have me show up looking like godzilla

— @bellies lmaooo . I can't trust mines with that . he would pick out something that can't fit my belly & I probably wouldn't be able to breath .lol but his mom planning it .

— @bellies that's to funny :) @summer95 that sounds really pretty!

— uhmm i dont trust him either buut hes a chef n has hosted plenty of events im hoping it does him some good but mannn i hope i dont get caught off guard ima have to start making sure im always pretty messing with him....aeent showers exciting tho 😆😆😆

— @bellies lol yes definitely . yes there so exciting just having all family an d friends come out and support you . yes.

— mine is March 14th. I have no idea what to wear. I never know what the weather is gonna be like. one March we had a huge snow/ice storm. so I don't even know.

— @may24th year that's true , but I'll be inside so it doesn't really matter . you having yours out door

— nope. it'll be inside. but i don't wanna freeze walking in from the car or out to the car. lol.

— Mine is March 7 too! You'll have to post pics and tell me how it went if you remember 😁

— @arielle lol yeyyyy & you know I will

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— @summer95, 😊😊😊