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It just really grinds my gears seeing an 18 year old "trying" to get pregnant... ughhh #blacklist

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— Oh nooo. lol I was trying to get my life at 18 😂😂

— It's one thing to try, and another to "end up " pregnant. I know I didn't try but looking back I didn't take the proper precautions either.

— its likes fashion statement to them, to walk around sporting a baby bump smh crazy. I had my first daughter at 20, but thank god by then I had already graduated cosmetology school and was working in a salon fulltime, some of these girls haven't even graduated high school yet and have no job, its sad!! your only goal can't be to get pregnant smh

— I've heard of 16 year olds trying to get pregnant 😣 I understand that people can mature fast, but that's still way too young, in my opinion.

— @jellybeansmommie girl foreal when I was 18 the 1st thing I did was get ON birth control.... like wtf I didn't want them problems!! @tb2881 yes but things happen && I understand. but when you deliberately try it just saddens me. you have your whole life ahead of you @bree31 yes I've even seen 16 yrs olds say they are trying... like you probably have no finances coming in.. still living with parents... this isn't a like a dog you can lock up in the cage && go about your business this is a human that you want! it's not easy!!!

— @laura_love yes so young.. && to me even getting married so young... people just rush.. after you graduate from high school you start finding yourself. you really change!

— Right. College showed me the world lol

— You find out who your friends are too. Granted, I can't really speak cause I got pregnant at 19. Wasn't trying though. So my life is definitely not what I thought it'd be at this point

— I am pregnant & married at 17. but I've also been with the same guy since I was 11 ❤

— @laura_love yep... I know when I was 18 I knew I was gonna marry my high school sweetheart. lol then a few years later I see how some of these other men treat me && I was like bye bye high school sweetheart 😂😂😂 .. plus I'm a curious.. I'm only 25 but glad I'm married now because I went on my share of dates && I can say I been there done that. so I'll be faithful

— @rnb_mommy_2_be still so young... but at least your married.. I mean it works for some...majority It doesn't according to statistics.. but I wish you guys the best

— I was with the same guy since 14 and we broke up at 20... Best decision I ever made. I would still be struggling if I had stayed with him.

— its their personal choice

— age doesn't tell you if you are going to be a good mom or not. it's a immature decision.

— Yeah, if I had married my high school sweetheart, I doubt we'd still be together now. He's changed a lot since high school from what I've seen

— @linzka2 I never stated that young moms are bad moms

— I never said that you did.

— I meant that If they are 16 and trying to have a baby, then that alone shows they aren't ready for one.

— yeah, I agree but I can't talk cause I wanted a baby my entire life almost but I never tried, I couldn't anyways my mom put my ass on birth control at 14. lbs. but with this baby I wasnt even thinking about a baby. I been with my child's father since I was seventeen I'm bout to be 20 in a couple months. and quite frankly my man and me was on the verge of breaking up. Rs. but now that I'm pregnant we ain't doing no breaking up.

— @jujusmother lol yea no one wants to go thru it alone... I always hear && see so many stories && I see the struggle && didn't want that for myself.. My life is far from perfect but I have someone by my side so I feel we can get thru anything together

— @sexii_diiva iktr, my man been ready to settle down for real but I feel like I'm too young to be married he's already 35. so he's ready lbs. IDK I just know we gone be together.

— for a while i was feeling like i was too young to be becoming a mom and im 21 but i got over that lol im mature, he has a great father, living on my own and doing A ok lol 👌