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What do you ladies want after you deliver? I want a whipped cream vodka screwdriver, a cigarette as long as my leg, and sushi.

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— an edible arrangement delivers to my room with a shit of patron

— shot**

— Haha i dont know why but I'm dying laughing at "a cigarette as long as my leg" 😂😂😂

— @jellybeansmommie, like the way you think!

— an energy drink! monster Rockstar

— Yes I want a double expresso!!

— A rockstar I am dying for a freaking Rockstar lol

— Wine.... lots of wine lol

— Tropical sunrise from chilis! Ugh I miss my margaritas!

— @tibi2696, im addicted to the fruit punch Rockstars. The gas station by my house sells them 2/3 so id get 2 almost everyday.. So I am definitely with you I can't wait to have one.. I just might pack them in my hospital bag, im sure ill need the energy!! :)

— I want some Smirnoff and wine collers

— @ashleyrdz, the bubbleberry ones are by favorite I used to always drink those lol

— American Honey/Coke, Captain on Acid & Celtic Honey/Dr. Pepper! And I kinda want to binge out at my favorite restaurant (: