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5lb 10 ounces ,19in and a quarter

5lb 10 ounces ,19in and a quarter ,chance christian Lee ,❀️😘☺️

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β€” OMG congrats his adorable

β€” He is so cute!!

β€” I love his facial expression! adorable!!

β€” aww he's so wittle πŸ’™πŸ˜Š

β€” he stylin on em! lol what a cutie

β€” So tiny and adorable, Congrats ❀

β€” Thank you ladies

β€” congrats boo. too cute

β€” @mom2be96,

β€” Thanks

β€” yayyyyyy!!! ima have my baby on friday

β€” he is just too handsome 😍😍

β€” Aww he's so adorable 😍

β€” Congrats @mom2be96 !!!, thanks ladies

β€” he is so handsome !!! congrats

β€” Thanks

β€” he's so cute congratulations

β€” Thank you so much

β€” how cute!!! hes so little!

β€” congrats..!!

β€” at how many weeks were you induced ?

β€” 38 @yazdahboss

β€” oh okay. I wonder if I will b induced because my amniotic fluid was low. I just noticed we both have a Lee baby lol

β€” OMG congrats!!😻😻😻

β€” 😊 awe lee's,and that was a reason,he was low on fluid

β€” And thanks

β€” @maddyt22, @yazdahboss

β€” that's why they induced you? And yes my boyfriend pick out his name and I fell in love with it

β€” That was one of the reasons I got induced ,1.the fluid was low(which is the only reason u need) 2.he was in the low birth rate

β€” @yazdahboss,

β€” how low were your fluids ? they told me mines were 8.0 and it had to b above 10/20

β€” He's so handsome 😍

β€” He looks like his dad awwww 😍😍😍

β€” I knoww ☺️☺️☺️@krissy81814

β€” i had no idea u had him already! how many weeks were u?

β€” I was 38 weeks and 2days ,he'll be a month tomorrow

β€” @missj_stephens,

β€” i hope i have him no later than 38 weeks but i got a while. im barely 23 weeks

β€” The weeks went by fast until I got to 36weeks @missj_stephens

β€” ive been having round ligament and back pain and my tummy feels heavy. so i feel like its going by so slow. well did u at least enjoy your pregnancy? or was it hell?

β€” Girl it was hell and then some more ,but my labor was easy @missj_stephens

β€” im glad u had an easy labor. did u get the epidural?

β€” YESS ! That's when it got easy,before that I was freaking out a little lol @missj_stephens

β€” oh my gosh! im so scared cuz i have baaad anxiety. plus i shallow breathe when im in pain i need an epidural! but im hearing u cant get one if u have scoliosis? idk if i have that but my spine does curve

β€” I'm not sure ,but I think it was bad for me not having it at first because I don't do good with pain,I'm a little dramatic @missj_stephens

β€” i can be too. well i dnt wanna call it dramatic cuz i really do have bad anxiety was diagnosed 5 years ago. but girl labor aint nothing dramatic about that! id say u did great cuz i would be 10x worse! i cant deal with pain for more than 10 mins.

β€” Me either hun