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who's mixed , biracial? or having a biracial baby?
my baby is going to have 4 different ethnicities . both me and daddy are biracial.
I'm Cuban and italian. daddy is Puerto Rican and costa rican 😊😊
love different mixes !

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β€” My baby girl Kendall will be biracial ! πŸŽ€β€πŸ˜

β€” awesome ! omg you don't look vietnamese I would've never been able to tell !!! @makeartnotwarr69 what's kendalls ethnicity going to be ? @rnb_mommy_2_be 😊😊😊

β€” she will be 1/2 white & 1/2 black. and so loved snd spoiled! ❀

β€” my kids are Puerto Rican and Salvadorian from me and daddy Is cuban and Nicaraguan.. but we don't really rep Salvadorian and Nicaraguan because our dads were never there for us.

β€” that's a beautiful mix ! she will come out with awesome curls and a gorgeous complexion ! omg @rnb_mommy_2_be

β€” Dominican and Brazilian, love it...btw i thought you were hispanic lol

β€” wow I'm still shocked ! that's an awesome mix you have ! it's rare ! do u speak Vietnamese ? I know I can't wait ! and yours will be beautiful as well ^_^ @makeartnotwarr69

β€” oops read it wrong though u just said Italian lol , nice mix tho Cuban and italian!!

β€” what a mix ! super rare ! I don't rep Italian like that for the same reason you guys dont, I always like to say I'm full Cuban but people say I look Rican lol your husband is doing for his kids what your father and his didn't do for you guys ! @mrs.oliva

β€” I love your mix omgggg ! @wondermom haha yeah I look more Hispanic than anything my nose gives away the Italian haha. thanks ^_^

β€” lol.. yeah a mix!! and yeah he's an awesome daddy 😊 and ppl say I look Cuban and my hubby looks Puerto Rican cuz I was raised by my step dad a Cuban since in was 4 years old. and we live In Miami Florida where the most Cubans are at lol

β€” Your baby is going to be beautiful specially with that mix of Puertorican and Cuban 😍😍 me and hubby are both Puerto Ricans even tho people tell me I don't look Puerto Rican because of my white skin haha people confuse me and think I'm white but when I start talking Spanish with my Puerto Rican accent they be like wait a minute but I thought you was white haha dint judge the book by it's cover I'm a white Puerto Rican that's where my boys get their white skin from, from their mama LOL @godsgift24

β€” My husband was born in Miami but both parents are Puerto Ricans @godsgift24

β€” omgg it was the reverse for me , my step dad who raised me since an infant is Rican , but they say it's my complexion and looks that make me look rican. and you do look Cuban because you're so light . my mom is light like you , no one thinks I'm Cuban because they say aren't Cubans supposed to be super white or super dark lol but I got the olive color from my dad smh! how's the weather there ! I always wanted to go to Miami haha @mrs.oliva

β€” I'm Latina and my boyfriend is half black half white but he has Indian in his blood and so do I.

β€” thank you ! I know those races mixed together omg.. and to me you look Cuban , cause you're so white like my mama. haha. but you and hubby made beautiful boys ! ain't no doubt about that ;) @angelicarobertmoya

β€” My kids going to be Korean Samoan Irish and Scottish

β€” πŸ™‹ I'm belizean & my fiance is mexican, so we're having a mixed little Mexican Belizean princess 😜❀😍

β€” what kind of Latina are you ? what country ? @liinababess_ great mix btw ;)

β€” Haha really? This is the first time someone actually tells me I look Cuban haha but thank you love, I know my boys are handsome no doubt about that πŸ˜‰ @godsgift24 can't wait to see your little one tho

β€” where's belize? is that considered like Spanish ? I've heard but I'm not that educated on that country :/ @mrscalderon super amazing mix

β€” the past few days have been rainy and today was just drizzing.. but its hot all the time lol. supposably we are getting a cold front Thursday or Friday in the low 50s which us Miami people aren't prepared for that weather lmao.

β€” I can tell you're Hispanic , cause my cousin looks white .. blonde hair with hazel eyes and she's petite and curvy, and everyone think she's white but she's Cuban and you kinda look like her but red hair haha but first time for everything . I heard some weird opinions on my race because they said they couldn't tell lol @angelicarobertmoya yes , handsome little boys :) I can't wait either !!

β€” its in central america, it used to be part of Guatemala so yes lol. if you look on a map, Belize is neighbors with Guatemala 😊

β€” man I wish jersey was in the 50s! omg I'm jealous lol haha @mrs.oliva bundle up with a sweater ! I've only been to Kissimmee and I was dying of heat in late December/january and the only thing I don't like about Florida is it rained a lot when I was there and was too hot for me

β€” Mexican. ☺️ thanks.

β€” ahh ok, now I know that it's considered a latin country :) I'm about to look it up @mrscalderon

β€” yes it's always a beach day here lol. I love Florida weather even when it's too hot!!! I'm use to it that's why.

β€” I'm Italian and Barbadian and my hubby is native American and Honduran

β€” Haha that's funny, well that's a good thing that I remind you of your cousin happy to hear that, well here in PA people think I'm white since I have aguamarine color eyes and white skin until I open my mouth haha but what can we expect with having white skin haha LOL people just get confused and yea I'm sure, soon you'll have your little one ☺️. @godsgift24

β€” I am German and Indian and my boyfriend is Mexican and white

β€” I'm brazilian and husband is white (French and Canadian)

β€” im white and my boyfriends mexican...