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I Noticed I Pee More Now lol. Especially At Night it's Annoying Because I Wake A Lot Just To Pee :/

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— Omg I'm up every 5 min peeing at night I'm so tired during the day haha justvwait til u hit third trimester sneezing and peeing good luck with that I be wearing pads just in case I piss myself when I sneeze or cough hahaha

— @babyvazquez15, Besties I Already Pee On Myself it's Horrible :/ Lol Shit I Wear Pads Too Haha. I'm Barely On My Second Trimester Too. I'll Be 4months Tomorrow :)

— listo complains I open the door loud when I go to the bathroom lol like u try having a full bladder and a baby kicking it lol

— @babyvazquez15, Guys Won't Know What Us Girls Going Through Having Their Babies -_- it's Like Just Help Me lol

— hey how are u getting to the baby shower and make sure u come with my mom to the hospital when I have the baby idc if your tired either lol

— @babyvazquez15, Ask Your Mom Or Monica if They Can Pick Me Up That Day. ? & lol Trust I'll Be There :)

— Monica don't live there no more but I'll make sure I'll tell my mom

— @babyvazquez15, Where Did She go? Okay & Let Me Know Too

— San Bernardino with her grandma

— @babyvazquez15, Okay Well Let Me Know What Your Mom Says :)

— She said she has 6 people she's taking already -.- & bitch ass monica might not go cause its her and Michaels anniversary- -