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I made my double blt! this is not

I made my double blt! this is not even half of what I'm cookin

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— lord I need it on my life I need to go to the store I don't have any lettuce lol and now I want some

— that looks soooo good

— @babyethansmommy, get up and go it's worth it. @squizzy843 tasted like heaven in between white bread lol

— oh damn that looks good

— Lol. Lawd your going to make me go make one. Haha.

— Oh man, that looks amazing.

— lol girl I'm getting dressed right now I can't resist I've been craving bacon like crazy too I can taste it already

— @alicia91, @squizzy843 I had to chug down a gallon of water after tho lmao

— Lmao @babyethansmommy well I'm happy I motivated you

— @meplusmytwo lol! but you enjoyed it

— I'm ready for a nap but I'm still cookin @alicia91

— lol girl yes I can already imagine what it taste like thanks

— @meplusmytwo now you made me want some but all i have is bread!

— Lmao @alicia91 that's all I had too then after I came from the store I realized I only had two slices of bread left

— hahaha I had blts for supper last night because you set off a cravin lol

— OMG that looks amazing!

— Lol.