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most of the old wives tales point to a girl but I just gotta feeling it's gonna be a boy... has anyone had the tales be right??

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— @brose18, the chinese calander said I was having a girl and it was correct

— the chinese calendar said im having a girl and it was right..i also did the baking soda test and that pointed to being a girl @brose18

— all the other tales like the heart beat the cravings and stuff like that say a girl and the Chinese calendar said a boy. so I was just wondering thanks ladies! @kristinlynn0903 @seleneromanortiz12

— and i also had a gut feeling i was having a girl , from the start even though i wanted a boy lol @brose18

— Well I guess I will find out for sure on the 1st! @seleneromanortiz12

— yup thats the only way to know for sure but the wait killed me! lol @brose18

— I have an ultrasound next Thursday but my mom is throwing me a gender reveal party so I won't no until the 1st. it's probably going to drive me nuts knowing that she knows and I don't! @seleneromanortiz12

— awhh see i wanted to do the same but i knew that as soon as i found out what i was gonna have i wasnt gonna be able to keep my mouth shut and not tell anyone lol @brose18 and sure enough as soon as i found out i told the whole world lol

— Lol well I won't no until the party otherwise yea I would want everyone to no! so maybe it's a good thing just my mom is finding out lol. @seleneromanortiz12

— I did the pee test you can buy from CVS, my mom read my tarot cards, and we did the ring on the string and they were all right

— @brose18, I did the ring test mine was right.

— I didn't jo you could buy a test @natashachang I haven't done the ring test. maybe I will try that tonight @elliot.s

— @brose18, where it swings in circle for boy and up down for girl. and u use a wedding ring or promise band